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        Brand story

        About Pet Travel

        As the founder of Paichuan PET TRAVEL, Jason Long is an animal lover and once held an international transportation company.He usually dealt with pets’ transportation in his work, such as preparation of pet documents, animal rabies vaccine injection, pets health examination, blood test, animal baby-sitting and cabin reservation.In 2 years, Jason has successfully transported pets to America, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand and other countries across the world.

        Gradually, Jason found that animal documents and flight reservation are quite complicated during the pet shipping.Moreover, normal shipping companies are not professional enough in taking care of animals during the trip.。E.g. dogs can behave strangely or even defensively to protect themselves.After much research, Jason knew that dogs are compound animals that need a leader. When in strange environment, imbalanced dogs should be placed with normal dogs so they can feel a sense of safety.

        With rich experience, Jason had an idea to open pet shipping company providing professional and considerate service for pet fonder. He hopes all the pets can enter and exit countries safe and sound.With his friends’ help, Jason registered PET TRAVEL Company in 2011 to especially provide pet entry & exit service.

        Our operation theory

        Paichuan Pet Travel pass the love to all.

        Our team

        Paichuan Pet Travel are co-managed by professional veterinarian, and international logistics with long-term cooperation with famous pet hospitals and veterinarian team. The front-line operators are with years of pet keeping. We remained good partnership with China Eastern Airlines, Airline China, Southern Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Deutsche Lufthansa, Swissair LX, Air France, British Airways, Air Holland, Aeroflot, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hainan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Thai Airways International, Vietnam Airlines and Emirates Airlines, etc.